Our Path Forward…

The Village of Eklutna was the beginning of local governance in our area. The homesteaders that came later also showed a strong desire for our own city separate from Anchorage. A Chugiak-Eagle River Borough existed for two years in the early 70s.

Now our journey continues with a strong desire to form an independent local government built on the vision of its people. The new government and school district would be built from the bottom up, focusing on the very basic needs of our local residents.

The Solution:

The detachment of Eagle River, Chugiak, Peters Creek, Eklutna, and JBER (Assembly District 2) from the Municipality of Anchorage.
The creation of an independent community built on the vision of its people. Self-governance by the people and for the people. Build, maintain, and operate a smaller and more accountable school district. Create a smaller tax district with greater local community involvement in tax decisions.

  • Fundraising

    We are raising funds to inform our residents, provide research and petition the Local Boundary Commission (LBC) for approval of our new city.

  • Feasibility Study

    A feasibility study must be conducted to back up the proposal, look at government structure, and to build a proposal to send to LBC.

  • Detachment

    With LBC approval:

    District 2 voters approve,


    Alaska Legislature approves.

  • Incorporation

    A committee is formed to draft a new city charter.

  • Approve Charter & Elect Officials

    With a positive vote, our new city is born.

We need your support to continue…