With the smaller slef-government plan that Eaglexit has, it creates a more involved community which in turn would affect the infrastructure of District 2. Detaching from MOA would create a smaller jurisdiction. The community would be deciding and having control over taxes and regulations. The community tax level would be lower due to the smaller district having less population and more control from the better represented local government. The taxes on home and business owners would be less bloated so the community would spend more which would create economic growth among District 2.

The Chugiak-Eagle River has an opportunity for major economic growth. Brandon Spoerhase discussed in his article Resource Development is gaining momentum in Alaska the Chugiak-Eagle River has a chance to strike and make the economy benefit. Anchorage does not have enough space for industrial-land growth and even if Anchorage did, the land of Anchorage is incredibly expensive and unreachable to many businesses. Many of those businesses who are looking for land to expand to are looking towards the Mat-Su valley and Chugiak-Eagle River area. This would bring in many business and economic benefits but, at the moment District 2 is still apart of the MOA. Until District 2 is separated from MOA they will continue to have regulations and restrictions that are enforced by the MOA and those who of the community who want the economic growth may not be able to reach it as long as District 2 is under the MOA.

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