Articles and updates on the processes of Eagle Exit

Community Council Comments

August 19, 2020

To sum it up, Chugiak-Eagle River had its own ladder truck built for us with a grant procured by Rick… Read more »

Designing Education

If I were to design a K-12 education program from the ground up for a community the size of Eagle… Read more »

Historical Moment of Brief Independence for Eagle River; History Part 2

Introduction: In 1963 when Alaskan communities decided which boroughs and forms of governments would be used across the state of… Read more »

A Brief History of Chugiak-Eagle River; History Part 1

A commentary article describing the beginnings and history of the District 2 area, specifically Eagle River and Chugiak. To read… Read more »

Public-Private Partnership

August 18, 2020

In the past one hundred years there has been little change in the model for providing services by local governments.… Read more »

If Not Now, When?

July 4, 2020

The question of whether the Chugiak-Eagle River area should be part of the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) has been a… Read more »

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