A Resolution for Assembly District 2 Detachment from the Municipality of Anchorage

Whereas, “Eagle River-Chugiak-Peters Creek-Eklutna-JBER”, hereinafter referred to as “District 2”, have common demographic, economic and political interests that historically have been ignored or militated  by special interest groups in the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA); and,

Whereas, this has allowed through years of non-representative actions property tax increases, unsustainable bond issues and increasingly expensive public services with no commensurate productivity rendering District 2 voters largely powerless and disenfranchised in any efforts to politically mitigate these costly trends; and,

Whereas, District 2 has suffered non-representation at the ASD (Anchorage School District) level as the main Anchorage bowl demographic has maintained a monopoly on the School Board, while disallowing direct District 2 school board member representation for decades, and

Municipality of Anchorage Tax District Map

Whereas the Eagle River-Chugiak-Peters Creek geographic area and population meet the requirements to form a municipal entity as stated in Alaska Constitution, Article X; and,

Whereas, the Alaska Constitution provides for the development of the maximum local self-government through the institution of local government units, namely, cities and boroughs; and,

Whereas, District 2 possesses the faculties to act with delegated authority to promote maximum local self-government; and,

Whereas, District 2 can petition through the State of Alaska Local Boundary Commission to detach from the MOA and form its own municipality.

NOW, Therefore Be It Resolved, that District 2 will go forward under General Law guidelines in Alaska Constitution, Articles II and X, AS 29.05.031, Sec. 29.06.040, AS 44.33 to form its own Home-Rule, Incorporation as a Municipality and First-Class or Second-Class borough; and,

Be It Further Resolved, that a committee of District 2 residents shall incorporate an legal entity for the purpose of raising funds, developing a detachment feasibility study, petition the State of Alaska Local Boundary Commission to detach from MOA and all other processes required for such.

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